The Rain by Gail Berry

The Rain

“There’s a woman who brings the storms.”

“Sure, Jeremy, and there’s a man who takes out the garbage, too.”

“No, I’m serious about this. I saw her last night. Remember the wind was blowing the trees so hard, and there was lightening and thunder. Then, just before the rain, I saw her.

“Where? On the chimney?”

“No! Up in the sky! Her dress was blowing all around her, and she had her arms raised up high like she was telling the storm what to do. Her eyes looked wild.”

“Was she scary?”

“No, because she was really pretty.”

“Then what happened to her?”

“When the rain started she went away. And a little boy with blonde hair began catching the drops in his hands and singing.”

“Yeah, what was he singing – here comes the sun?”

“No, it was a lullaby, and I fell asleep.”

. . . short story by Gail Berry

Lightning image: Brujo+ / / CC BY-NC-SA

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